Geofisica Gamut

Geophysical Solutions



Giada (Gamut integrated advanced data analysis) is the software developed by Gamut for the analysis of geophysical data. Gamut continuously develops and integrates algorithms and tools to offer high quality services for a robust interpretation of geophysical results. Giada is used for:

  • Processing
    • Surface waves, seismic refraction, down-hole, cross-hole, vertical seismic profiles, vertical electric probes, electrical methods of resistivity and loadability, spontaneous potentials, vertical radar profiles, electromagnetic methods in time and frequency domain, magnetotellurica, methods magnetic and gravimetric
  • Probabilistic inversion
    • Surface waves, vertical electric probes, electromagnetic methods in the time domain, magnetotelluric
  • Deterministic reversal
    • Surface waves, refractive seismic tomography, vertical seismic profiles, vertical electric probes, vertical radar profiles, time-domain electromagnetic methods, magnetotelluric, magnetic and gravimetric methods
  • 2D and 3D visualization