Gamut is a spin-off company of the Politecnico di Torino which operates in the field of applied geophysics, diagnostics of structures and in the field of workplace safety.

Gamut was founded in 2009 to exploit the experience and innovative contribution of the Applied Geophysics Laboratory of the Department of Engineering for the Environment and the Territory (DITAG, now DIATI), starting its activity with the design and execution of geophysical surveys in various fields of engineering (civil, environmental, mining, industrial), geology and hydrogeology.

From the need to have full control of geophysical processing, GIADA is born, the software that allows the joint processing of different techniques and the integration of information deriving from a priori information. All the GIADA algorithms are based on the most recent studies published in the academic field.

Thanks to its mechanical and electronic skills, Gamut designs and manufactures hardware instruments for in-site use, with the aim of increasing the speed of execution and improving the quality of the acquired data.

Since some years, given the increasing attention to workplace safety and professional training of members, Gamut provides consulting services in the field of workplace safety, according to Legislative Decree 81/08.

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